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Welcome to Mia's Home. Since our establishment in 2022, we have become the Bay Area's premier destination for dynamic, innovative home staging services. Our foundation in User Experience (UX) design sets us apart, enabling us to craft spaces that truly resonate with buyers and significantly bolster the branding efforts of listing agents.

We understand that the best designs extend beyond mere aesthetics. Our approach incorporates the principles of UX design to create living spaces that enhance the buyer's experience and offer a tangible vision of their future home.

At Mia's Home, we pride ourselves on our modern and contemporary furniture styles. Our designs seamlessly blend the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of modern design with the comfortable, relaxed appeal of contemporary style. This perfect marriage of design elements results in spaces that are sleek, stylish, and inviting - creating a compelling allure for potential buyers.

Experience the Mia's Home difference, where we bring design and experience together to create spaces that not only look beautiful, but also feel like home.

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Mia Wang

Mia Wang

Design Director

Before launching her home staging venture, Mia was a Senior UX Designer in high-tech. Translating this expertise, she crafts interiors that resonate with buyers' psyches. Her tech background fosters precision and an understanding of intuitive design. By merging space utility with diverse cultural aesthetics, Mia ensures homes are not just visually stunning, but universally appealing. Her stages are more than setups—they're narratives.

Oliva Bennet

Oliva Bennet

Home Stylist

Oliva is a gifted Home Stylist, weaving spaces with both elegance and comfort. Merging a keen eye for trends with timeless aesthetics, she curates environments that reflect individual personalities while evoking a universal sense of home. With every project, Oliva crafts a unique narrative, turning houses into cherished havens.

Julia Knudsen

Julia Knudsen

Account Manager

Meet Julia! She grew up in the bay area her whole life. Some hobbies of hers include drawing, being outside, and playing volleyball. She loves taking care of animals and on the side she will volunteer at shelters. Julia is excited to be a part of the Mia's Home Staging team!

Will Zhang

Will Zhang

Warehouse Manager

Will is an adept Home Staging logistics manager with expertise in transforming spaces. He not only coordinates furniture placement and décor but also expertly manages a moving crew, ensuring timely deliveries.

Join our team! We value talent, creativity, & shared ideas in our collaborative culture. Your innovative spark could ignite success here.

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